The Mission

The mission is to train those who aspire to dominate their hunts, or any other advanced physical or mental challenge. I use a system designed to blend the three most basic elements of a tactical athlete; marksmanship, fitness, and strategy. The WapitiFit Workup is comprised of three distinct branches which work in unison to develop an athlete to their highest potential. Giving an undeniable end result, where athletes perform with efficiency and precision, in real time and under duress.

Each level of the program has an overwhelming emphasis on marksmanship and efficient weapon system manipulation. Utilizing these skills as our base, we further develop athletes by teaching them how to quickly and efficiently move in and out of shooting positions. Mastering these abilities is the baseline of any tactical athlete, and they are the foundation of our program. While advancing our abilities of human movements, including lifting, carrying, dragging, and running. clients will be given classes on the anatomy and physiology of game, remote first aid and advanced marksmanship training

Tier 1: Meat and Potatoes
Price: [$250]
Benefits: This six-week course utilizes our ability to learn and apply from anywhere. this online instruction is for those individuals who have their fitness and nutrition on point. This is a pure meat and potatoes course. Where we can focus less on your physical wellbeing to deep dive headfirst into remote first aid, advanced marksmanship, and game animal physiology.

Tier 2: All you can eat
Price: [$750]
Benefits: This twelve-week course is for those individuals who doesn’t have their fitness and nutrition on point but are relatively close. This takes that meat and potatoes course of remote first aid, advanced marksmanship, and game animal physiology, and grants you access to the app where we incorporate a strength and conditioning aspect designed specifically for you! That utilizes all types of activity to best achieve a body built for traversing harsh terrain like a professional.

Tier 3: Blood, Sweat, Respect
Price: [Prices vary depending on location and game]
Benefits: This course length is highly adjustable for those individuals who need the most help with fitness and nutrition. This takes everything and hones it to the point where we can focus heavily on physical wellbeing while taking a less aggressive approach to remote first aid, advanced marksmanship, and game animal physiology. Our extended course time allows us to cover all these more in depth in person as well as online.

WapitiFit also provides programs that culminatin in a crucible. Where Clients put their learned skills to the ultimate test. You got that right we are going hunting! Reach out for more.