Sharing the Tradition

Success is bittersweet

As hunters the changing of leaves brings a sort of excitement. That one might compare to that of a child the night before Christmas. This is more often then not, as a result of grewing up in the hunting lifestyle. Generally from along line that has passed this tradition on.

Some were not as fortunate. Some are completely opposed and appauld by the idea of providing food with their own hands. While others are opened minded with a genuine curiosity. Yet! they have no real direction on how to obtain the resources and knowledge required to become hunters let alone an ethical and knowledgeable one.

The sterotype most hunters face is “BUBBA truck hunter”(An overweight gun toting drunk redneck who drives around shooting innocent animals all day) that is definitely not the case. And the only way to prove it is to show those who have even the slightest interest in our way of life

I would be willing to bet, that very sterotype stems from a lack of confidence & hunting knowledge.  Ultimately leading those individuals to say “ Well hell! I don’t know what to look for, so I’ll just try driving around to see what i can find.”

As experienced hunters we have a responsibility to our way of life, to help educate and mentor those who lack the knowledge, yet possess the desire to become a provider.

If you lack the knowledge yet posses the drive to become a better hunter at any level.  That is the purpose of this blog, combined with informative YouTube videos, and daily instagram posts.

Join the #WapitiFitNation where we help you build confidence & self-reliance at any level. Through tactical fitness & weapons proficency. You are the future of hunting and conservation

Published by Kyle Hill

My mission is to train those who aspire to dominate the September elk woods as well as any other advanced physical and mental hunting challenge. I use a system designed to blend the three most basic elements of a tactical athlete; marksmanship, fitness and strategy. ElkPrep is comprised of three distinct branches which work in unison to develop athletes to their highest potential. The end result is an athlete that’s able to perform with efficiency and precision, at speed and under duress, whether it be at a mountain or on the range. ElkPrep also provides private lessons to individuals who would like to enhance their capabilities. Each level of our program has an overwhelming emphasis on marksmanship and efficient weapon system manipulation. Utilizing these skills as our base, we further develop athletes by teaching them how to move into and out of shooting positions quickly and smoothly. These are the baseline abilities of any tactical athlete, and they are the foundation of our program. While refining these skills to higher and higher levels, we teach students the anatomy and physiology of the game we love to pursue. While advancing our abilities of human movements, including lifting, carrying, dragging, and running. Applying these skills under duress, while navigating obstacles and/or using various barricades, prepares our athletes for whatever may come our way.

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