How to become a Knowledgable bowhunter in 5 Steps (The Wapiti_Fit way)

So you want to become a hunter and not just any hunter but bowhunter. You have little to no experience, and dont know anyone that could teach you. Fret not my friend I’ve got you covered.

1. Learn your Draw Length a very quick definition. It’s the distance from the back of the grip to the corner of your mouth on your dominate side (face should be fully relaxed) You’ll need at least 2 things a tape measure and a wall.

Make a relaxed fist with your non dominate hand. Then Raise your arm to the wall (like your making a T, and lightly touch your knuckles to it. naturally turn your head

Place the medal tab of the tape, under your thumb be sure to maintain the same pressure with your knuckles on the wall. With the tape in your dominate hand. Place your thumb on the bottom edge of the tape nearest the opening. Stretch the tape to the corner of your mouth hold lock the lock by slide your other fingers over it. Look at measurement that is your draw length

2. Selecting a bow within your price range, for years I’ve shot Hoyt they design and build the strongest and most reliable bows on the market. Depending on your budget I will sometimes recommend buying used either from your local authorized dealer, or your local type websites i.e Letgo, Flip etc. Using this method you can cut your starting costs in half, while still getting everything a beginner would need to start shooting arrows. And do just that shoot a lot it’s not a hobby it’s a lifestyle

Follow the link below to learn how to Buy a used bow like a Pro

3. Know the game you seek, study their habitate, demeanor, patterns, and scout! This will require your to have map reading skills Follow this link to get a head start

4. Find your access. Search [YOUR STATE] department of fish and wildlife there you will find General Game Units and public access information, harvest records and all game regulations. Know the laws for your state. Many states have minimum poundage and broadhead restrictions.  Go into your local sporting goods dealer or tackleshop to buy your license rather then doing it online this will allow you to ask any questions you may have.

5 Gearing up. At minumum your gonna want a very comfortable pair of light boots, an extra pair of thick boot socks a range finder w/ ARC technology and set of binos 10×50 or better with bino harness, or a spotting scope. Camouflage is important but not a neccessity when your starting in fact some states require hunters orange be worn during bow season as well Know the law. When first starting out buying $1000’s of dollar in top of the line camo makes little to no sense. Train your feet, mind and body to move with the trees once you’ve done that. You may find the need to upgrade your camo.

Until then your a #publiclandowner Go Hunting enjoy the wild places and wild game filled with all his many blessings. For more Follow Me on Instagram @Wapiti_Fit and/ or Subscribe to Wapiti_Fit Youtube




Published by Kyle Hill

My mission is to train those who aspire to dominate the September elk woods as well as any other advanced physical and mental hunting challenge. I use a system designed to blend the three most basic elements of a tactical athlete; marksmanship, fitness and strategy. ElkPrep is comprised of three distinct branches which work in unison to develop athletes to their highest potential. The end result is an athlete that’s able to perform with efficiency and precision, at speed and under duress, whether it be at a mountain or on the range. ElkPrep also provides private lessons to individuals who would like to enhance their capabilities. Each level of our program has an overwhelming emphasis on marksmanship and efficient weapon system manipulation. Utilizing these skills as our base, we further develop athletes by teaching them how to move into and out of shooting positions quickly and smoothly. These are the baseline abilities of any tactical athlete, and they are the foundation of our program. While refining these skills to higher and higher levels, we teach students the anatomy and physiology of the game we love to pursue. While advancing our abilities of human movements, including lifting, carrying, dragging, and running. Applying these skills under duress, while navigating obstacles and/or using various barricades, prepares our athletes for whatever may come our way.

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