Communicate, Obligate, Move, Shoot! (COMS)

Now that we have established what C.O.M.S is we can break down. How to utilize it on the mountain, and how I program it into your functional training to maximize its overall benefits both in the field as well as in training. The military uses acronyms like this to help soldiers to memorize important informationContinue reading “Communicate, Obligate, Move, Shoot! (COMS)”

Not all Elk meat is created equal

Elk is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking for a healthier, more sustainable, and cost effective alternative to beef. With its range of health benefits, versatility with recipes, and sustainability, it’s no wonder why elk meat is gaining traction with consumers. Those looking to give elk meat a try can who don’tContinue reading “Not all Elk meat is created equal”

Why do Mountain naps feel so good!?!

In this article I dig deep into the science behind, why we feel so rejuvenated after those mountain power naps. During these naps we generally find ourselves sleeping directly on the ground, Which most don’t think about but is the practice of grounding an ever growing study where one touches the earth with bareskin toContinue reading “Why do Mountain naps feel so good!?!”

Which hunting camp is right for you!

Just as one size does not fit every style of hunting camp fits well. As Hunting interests have and always will fluctuate with the ages, one of the aspects of hunting is on the rise more then ever before, that aspect is camp hunting. Which actually makes sense if you look at society as aContinue reading “Which hunting camp is right for you!”

Pnuma System Recommendations

The game we persue are incredibly resilient, highly adaptive creatures, known to take refuge in some of the harshest and vast places known to man. Braving the elements to living amongst them in this array of climates means, our gear as well as ourselves must be just that. there is no one size fits allContinue reading “Pnuma System Recommendations”

How to become a Knowledgable bowhunter in 5 Steps (The Wapiti_Fit way)

So you want to become a hunter and not just any hunter but bowhunter. You have little to no experience, and dont know anyone that could teach you. Fret not my friend I’ve got you covered. 1. Learn your Draw Length a very quick definition. It’s the distance from the back of the grip toContinue reading “How to become a Knowledgable bowhunter in 5 Steps (The Wapiti_Fit way)”