Pnuma System Recommendations

The game we persue are incredibly resilient, highly adaptive creatures, known to take refuge in some of the harshest and vast places known to man. Braving the elements to living amongst them in this array of climates means, our gear as well as ourselves must be just that. there is no one size fits allContinue reading “Pnuma System Recommendations”

How to become a Knowledgable bowhunter in 5 Steps (The Wapiti_Fit way)

So you want to become a hunter and not just any hunter but bowhunter. You have little to no experience, and dont know anyone that could teach you. Fret not my friend I’ve got you covered. 1. Learn your Draw Length a very quick definition. It’s the distance from the back of the grip toContinue reading “How to become a Knowledgable bowhunter in 5 Steps (The Wapiti_Fit way)”