Communicate, Obligate, Move, Shoot! (COMS)

Now that we have established what C.O.M.S is we can break down. How to utilize it on the mountain, and how I program it into your functional training to maximize its overall benefits both in the field as well as in training. The military uses acronyms like this to help soldiers to memorize important information that can quickly be recalled in the moment. I use this the same way.

C.O.M.S is an acronym for one of the most battle tested and proven solo hunting tactics. A lot of strategies rely on the buddy system, I..E hunter, caller, this method places the caller is 20 to 40 yards behind the hunter. and putting the hunter between the herd and caller, this method works great if you have an eye for the path of least resistance, this builds a shooting lane on the fly.

C.O.M.S is just that only solo, you must build the scenario, Establish communication- call the bull in either with lost cow or challenge bugle. once you get him on the obligate/come in, you then skirt left or right moving 20 to 100 yards towards the bull keeping that shooting lane in sight, most bulls will tend to get hung up within those ranges this allows you to line up your broadside. And the last and most critical Make a calm well excuted shot!

Wouldn’t life be great if it were just that easy and it worked like that every single time, Nah what’s the fun in that! maybe its just me but as much as I love success the frustrations and failures are what makes it so addicting. I hope this Acronym helps you remember a tried-and-true tactic next time you find yourself hunting one of the greatest animals in the world the Mighty Wapiti

Published by Kyle Hill

My mission is to train those who aspire to dominate the September elk woods as well as any other advanced physical and mental hunting challenge. I use a system designed to blend the three most basic elements of a tactical athlete; marksmanship, fitness and strategy. ElkPrep is comprised of three distinct branches which work in unison to develop athletes to their highest potential. The end result is an athlete that’s able to perform with efficiency and precision, at speed and under duress, whether it be at a mountain or on the range. ElkPrep also provides private lessons to individuals who would like to enhance their capabilities. Each level of our program has an overwhelming emphasis on marksmanship and efficient weapon system manipulation. Utilizing these skills as our base, we further develop athletes by teaching them how to move into and out of shooting positions quickly and smoothly. These are the baseline abilities of any tactical athlete, and they are the foundation of our program. While refining these skills to higher and higher levels, we teach students the anatomy and physiology of the game we love to pursue. While advancing our abilities of human movements, including lifting, carrying, dragging, and running. Applying these skills under duress, while navigating obstacles and/or using various barricades, prepares our athletes for whatever may come our way.

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